May include Hypnotherapy which is used for stress reduction and relaxation; incorporate visual symbolism; audio stimulus; the inclusion of scientific developmental processes (such as toys; computers; music; art & puzzle games) and possibly (with the client’s/guardians consent) techniques of regression therapy.


The objective of ‘TINA DATAS Therapy’ is:-


1. To initiate a process of self-control through relaxation which may be transferred throughout the individual’s life.


2. To initiate a developmental process bringing understanding,

self-control & perception, psychological balance & harmony, autonomy, independence & self-esteem.


3. To utilise any ‘gifted’ or beneficial qualities each individual may recognize/understand and ‘work with’.



TINA DATAS THERAPY works with the acceptance of the anomaly in opposition to social definitions of ‘normality’. The anomaly is accepted and treated with respect and integrated within the personality of the individual, as opposed to specific character differences being ostracised and treated as an illness. This integration induces harmony, compliance and the nurturing of a psychological, educational developmental process, beneficial to all concerned including the anomaly. The attitude of ‘if they don’t fit, change them’ causes anxiety, aggression and suffering for all concerned.

Colin Demét B.Sc. (copyright 2015)

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