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Michael Morrison  (Former Manager at Daldorch House School for Autism)


I am a Personal Assistant to a young man who is diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Co-morbid Depression.

The young man has visited Colin at his home to receive one hour relaxation sessions on a weekly basis since August last year and continues to do so.

Since seeing Colin, there has been a noticeable diffidence in how much more relaxed the young man appears to be. His attitude and general outlook after each session is also notably, more positive. The young man describes the sessions as being enjoyable and he is always keen to attend. This was apparent from the very first visit. Colin and his wife Annette have knowledge of Autism and their genuine care and understanding has made the process manageable for the young man to clearly benefit from each session. I would highly recommend Colin to anyone who is seeking alternative ways to help benefit someone with ASD.


Michael Morrison





Julie Graham: Mother of Corin Graham.   AGE 23yrs.  June 2015.


Since his visits to see Colin, Corin has been more relaxed at home, and has stopped biting his nails. He enjoys the meetings with Colin and has always been eager to visit him. He responds well to the relaxation and the different music which is played, as at the start of the meetings Corin would only listen to one relaxation CD which had been specifically made for him.

I have noticed Corin is thinking more before responding to everyday situations. In the past a certain noise, i.e. a tannoy announcement or other 'trigger' noises were enough to cause a full blown 'acting out' episode in the shops, this could involve anything from shouting out to dropping personal items before leaving the shop. Today while shopping Corin explained to me that he could not go in to a certain shop as he knew it would have tannoy announcements that would cause him distress. He has responded well to other 'triggers', by looking for an exit and leaving the area in a quiet manner. Today I noticed a big difference in Corin, we actually spent time shopping for trainers in a busy shop. He actually chose trainers himself, three pairs! Staying focused to try them on, then queuing to pay himself, and then continued shopping!!!

At the present time we are continuing our meetings with Colin, and are optimistic regarding more positive changes for Corin.


Julie G


19th July. 2015


Today Corin walked into the cottage for his meeting and was alone; he explained to me that his mother was waiting in the car for him outside. The session was completed without any problems. Corin spoke with me before and after the relaxation therapy session for 10 mins before and 10 mins after, giving a total of 20 mins talking time. The hypnotherapy  lasted for 30 mins, during which time Corin was completely relaxed and at ease. When Corin was talking to me the lap-top was in-front of him with the 'talk program' loaded and ready for him to use. Corin did not use the talking aid once, as previously he seemed to depend on this device for communication.


30th Dec 2016 (Shopping centre Glasgow)–

Went shopping today, with Corin (at his request). Pointed out it would be extremely busy, noisy and there would be queues everywhere. He insisted he wanted to go. So off we set (with stress levels rising the closer we got to our destination) But (with one or two minor blips) he coped amazingly, in fact he was awesome. :):) He dodged shoppers left, right & center with no mishaps. He also went on to wait in queues alongside chattering children for a lengthy time, and still not a meltdown to be seen. He also coped with flashing lights, changing music and bad weather, better than me, if I’m honest!!! I know this may not seem like a big deal to most, but for me, to see my son (who struggles daily with sensory issues) working hard to cope with a challenging situation, is just amazing :):)


Julie G



Mike Buck.  Tourette Syndrome.  27 October 2015


Colin helped me about 25 years ago when I was 34 years of age, and I still play the original 3 tapes he made for me and thanks to him I am still going strong. I would recommend Colin to anyone.


Thanks very much!








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